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Thursday, 30 June 2011 @ 05:21 | 0 Comment [s]

akuu fall in love dgn "BUDAK KULIM" ? omg -..- first time k .
aku pun x tahu mcm mna aku boleh fall in love dgn dy , mybe sbb perangai dy and satu kepala dgn aku .
aww aww aww ;3 likeeeeeeee <3
seriously , u the first men i EVER fall in love in kulim k . 
you should be thankful because i like youuuuu :DD
bcos , i had promise to myself that i would not couple with KULIM BOY -..-
i not even know how i can fall in love with him !
but , imma disappointed sikit bile tahu dia ada GF :)
sikit ja x bnyak pun !
mmg spoil k :) tapii xpeeee , x kesah lahh kan , aku mmg selalu kena mcm nih :)
mmg susah nak cari "TRUE LOVE " . 
aku dah jadi takut nak rapat sgt ngn laki :(
haha , mmg berlmbak org tnggu aku punya anser nak couple or tak .
but , anser aku TAK . sbb ? sbb aku x sukaa korang lahh bingai , gelebah sial korang nih !
yg ada semuaa KAKI GAME ! kaki game ?  " YOU CAN GO DIE WITH YOUR SUCK GAME "
hahaha , whatever --' GTD :*

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