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har har har :'D
Wednesday, 26 October 2011 @ 04:07 | 0 Comment [s]

haihhh kawan oh kawan , kadang-2 aku dah fedup dgn perangai kawan2 aku nie . semua perangai macam haram (Y) depan cita lain , belakang cita lain . apa cer ni weh ? friends is one of the "sources" in our life . without friends not mean our lives , and friends bring memories in our life . kenangan pahit manis semua bersama kawan selain dari family kan ? tapikan , mulut kawan ni kadang2 mcm longkang jgk . tak boleh tengok kita senang . kerja nak jatuhkan kita right baby ? haihhh -.- be matuared please my dear friends ! i dont know untill when they want make me fall . gahhhh ! so what i care hah baby ? heyy come on ! wake up pleaseeeeeeeee . open ur mind , buka sikit pemikirang korang tu . life is not for ''hostile'' . We live in one country , 1 malaysia . how the country want peace if people are always jealous each other . Life is too short , to waste time hating anyone . Karma is everywhere . i only love my baby pikachuu HAFIZHA SYAZWANI :')

Ohmen , Victoria Cafe pangil aku . Bye

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